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So much for the clan... . Past months of inactivity of its members (of me, too) I decided to dissolve our clan. It was really fun being a clan leader and getting web experience. I hope ya still keep playing, but:
FaE is dead
I look forward to Diablo III and maybe we'll meet again that day!

P.S.: The homepage remains online - might be useful somewhen!



Darklord_FaE has been promoted to a 3rd class Skeleton Knight

rcbi1_FaE and Bal_Honak_FaE join our clan


Of course I forgot that we've got a new allie:
Crusaders of Light

These guys are joining our clan:

I've received a mail from the WIRT clan. The content is not suitable for young people but tell me anyway what you think of it. Here you can find it.

We've got a first promotion:
Arcticus_FaE has been promoted to the rank of a 3rd class Knight because of helping the clanleader, especially with killing Blood Raven.

There's one big problem in the European players cannot play with players in the United states and America without making a new character and playing with a ping of 1000...
A solution would be if one FaE member in America decides about promotions. Please E-Mail me if you want to be such an observer.


Hi folks!

I am very sorry that I didn't update for such a long time but in the last couples of weeks I scarcely had any time (besides, not much has happened) and in the last couples of days I had no FrontPage because I had to work on my new PC (Athlon 700 rulez!!!)

But I have also got  a so much better message for you:

As I have already mailed, there are a couple of matters:

1.) Everyone who has not got a mail from me should send me one very quickly so I can register him immediately in my mail list.

2.) A correct clan name for Diablo II as a fighter against Evil reads as follows:
for example my name is Sandybutt_FaE
Perhaps Blizzard will incorporate a reasonable clan system (that was actually promised, has however been kicked out again) sometimes. The D1 names don't change so one can distinguish easily the players of D1 from the players of D2.

3.) If someone wants to take a different class, simply mail me. You can also use the forum for such matters. I will check it 2-3 times a week. There we come to the next point immediately:

4.) The forum. If you don't like something on the hp or found a mistake or anything else, use the forum. You can also trade items there.

5.) I have made the News a little bit more clearly with changing the colors of it. Moreover I changed "Join" so you can no longer join with a D1 character. But don't worry - Old members won't be kicked out of the clan.

6.) Two new people joined the Clan:
Stoffi_FaE - Paladin
Raynard_FaE - Paladin
I noticed that the Paladin is the most popular character. I had expected myself actually that it would be the Necromancer.

Unfortunately I will take my holidays from Sunday 9th to Sunday 23. Maybe someone could manage the hp while I'm absent.

Have a loooooooooot of fun with the best game ever.



DarkLord joins our clan.


It is time for NEWS!

1.) We decided to help those people who had been attacked by LoD (see mail of 06.03.). Please try to get very good armor, weapons and other items which we can hand over to them.

2.) I ask you to react on my polls on the Forum more seriously. Thanx!

If the URL should not work (because Cjb broke down once again) you can still use the alternative URL which works nearly almost!

4.) Mike_87 joins our Clan.



Some people asked for help because the were attacked by their own Clan (Legion of Doom) and so I ask you if we should help them (I hope you received my Mail, there you can read the original text).


Within a short period of time I will make the forum password protected. So please send me a mail if you want to use it because then I will send you a password.


"Allies" added to hp, because we formed an alliance with "Crimson Hell Knights"

Further I placed a different forum in "Contact"

And Sckilla joins our Clan


I placed a poll on the forum to see who is going to be a FaE in Diablo I, too


Raisinlove joins our Clan


"Links" added to hp


Muffinpoooo joins our clan (Some people really have nice ideas about names)


Since today a nice midi-file taken from Ultima Online improves our beloved homepage


Kjell joins our clan and I'm back from skiing. Further I decided to form a section for Diablo I because the development of the sequel seems to be a never ending story. If you disagree with it, please write into the forum.


Arrrgh! New release date for Diablo II: June 2000

CuChulain joins our clan


Tailorion joins our Clan


"Downloads" added to hp


DarkMaster joins our Clan


"The Game" added to hp


Chat room added to hp


Forum added to hp


Most recent release date for Diablo II: March 2000


Arcticus joins our Clan.


Today the  FaE - Homepage is (halfway) online for the first time.

    Last Update: 16.08.Y2K