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The game

The game principle

At first, some heroes (different characters offer a big variety of gameplay) meet in a game. Then they buy armor, weapons and items to be prepared for some strong monsters. The next waypoint is a dungeon or a place of a monster gathering and they hack, slay, electrocute, incinerate and kill them to get good items from them and to become stronger. Meantime a little trip to a town to regenerate and to buy/sell/trade items. After a while your character will get level-ups and he can trade some skill points. Sounds simple but is as funny as throwing eggs at Bill Gates! *g*

The characters. Click on the pentagrams to activate the links (hum, we had this, didn't we?)...

The Amazon

The Necromancer

The Paladin

The Sorceress

The Barbarian

Last Update: 13.02.Y2K