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What's that?



What is the FaE-Clan, explanation of the Rules and who had the idea.


1.) About the FaE-Clan


In the games Diablo I & II (which is not available for purchase right now; day x will be in June) there are thousands of Online-players, who want to hack and slay some evil monsters. But there are some guys, who do not have something better to do than kill other players (Playerkiller). The Fighters against Evil (FaE) have an aversion against these, and try to render them harmless by (nearly) all means. The Clan of Fighters against Evil is righteous and good, and is not going to do evil things in any way. This does not mean you must not kill Pks!

By the way: Battle-Net is not a place for cheating. Every member, who is cheating once will get a warning and will have to open a new character. Someone who cheats twice is going to be kicked out from the clan...

If you want to join this clan, simply click on "Join" and fill out the form. Soon your name will appear in the members list. You will be a candidate and after a trial period of one week we will decide if we admit you in the clan, but if you obey the rules and behave quite correctly, there will be no problems for you.


2.) The Fighters against Evil obey the following rules:

1.) Fight against Evil as good as you can!

2.) Help weaker heroes!

3.) Fight against PKs!

3.) Who had the idea?


On a beautiful evening (I only play past 18 oŽ clock because it's cheaper) I (known as the warrior @Sandybutt@) tried to manage the catacombs in Diablo I. There were two other heroes in the same game. When I found a ring, one Warrior asked me to show him the magic item to identify it and I did so.




I was dead. Killed by three fireballs, which were sent to me from 2 meters beside me. I cursed this damned PK and decided to fight against these ugly "heroes", who kill whenever they like and whomever they like and so I formed the clan of Fighters against Evil and set up this homepage, which you have SURELY already bookmarked.


Last update: 13.02.Y2K